Advantages Of Using A Hot Towel Shave

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Using A Hot Towel Shave

Barbershops in town have a reason why they use hot towel shave after shaving their male clients. Hot shave towel has several benefits rather than a relaxing feeling that results in a smooth skin. The following are benefits of hot towel shave.

Opening up your pores

Towels are kept in a heated cabinet that has a desirable temperature at the barber’s shop. When the towel is placed on persons face before shaving, the pores open after few minutes because of the heat on the towel. It also makes the hair to soften which makes shaving an easy task for you.

Provides a closer shave

You can now start shaving once the pores open, and the hair is soft. Shaving towards the direction of the grain is nice. This is a good way to get a closer shave than using handful cream that you apply and scrap away. After shaving, take a glance in the mirror to see how healthy and lovely your skin looks. Touch it and feel how it is very soft to touch.

It gets rid of in- grown hairs

Another advantage of using a hot towel shave regularly is the removal of ingrown hairs. You will realize some few drops of blood appearing when shaving with a straight razor. The drops of blood are a result of pulling out ingrown hairs. Do not panic, the bumps and blood spot will quickly disappear after following this procedure every time you shave.

It exfoliatesUsing A Hot Towel Shave

The hot towel shave can be used as an exfoliating treatment despite the fact it is utilized for clipping your whiskers. The blades remove four layers of skin after each swipe. This process is helpful if followed as it enables the healthy skin cells to breathe. Your skin will appear radiant and attractive if you use a hot towel shave always.

Creates a resistance to razor burn

You may feel a mild irritation when you use a hot towel shave for the first time. But do not worry as this will come to an end. It helps a man’s skin to build up resistance to burning, itching, and bumps that often appear after the first few treatments.

A vegetable steamer will work well for anyone who wants to try the hot towel shave at home and the do not have the special heating cabinet. Always remember to use a pair of tongs when removing a hot towel, wave it in the air for it to have a temperature which cannot burn you before you use it.