What You Need to Know About a Keto Diet

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keto diet

A ketogenic diet, popularly known as the keto diet refers to high fat and low carb fat diet plan. Some benefits that come with starting a keto diet are fat and weight loss. However, it can be hard to start and also getting it right for the best results. It is advisable to learn as much as you can about common keto mistakes among other tips before switching to a ketogenic diet. Here are some tips and pointers to help get you through a keto diet.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking water and eating succulent foods are crucial as fluid secretion takes place more when you are on a keto diet. Some of the succulent fluids are kales, spinach, and cucumbers. They are also good options as they are also low in calories. Ensuring good hydration also keeps your cravings in check.

Avoid Starchy Vegetables

While you are on a keto diet, starch needs to be avoided at all costs. It includes vegetables high in starch like potatoes, pumpkins, peas, and even beans. The diet helps your body stay in the state of ketosis which occurs when the body chooses to burn fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates. Preferably, you can choose to have low-carb vegetables instead.

Eat Healthy Fats in Good Quantities

low calorie dietThe main source of nutrients in a low carbohydrate keto diet is fats. Eating good quantities of fats that are filling helps you keep you from craving food or starving. However, be cautious not to start overeating. Avocado, homemade butter, cheese, olive oil, ghee are some of the healthy fats that you can incorporate into your diet. At all costs, avoid processed fats.

Get Eggs

Eggs are popular when it comes to getting on a ketogenic diet. The best part of eggs is that they are versatile foods. You can choose to boil them, make a sandwich, and fry them up or even incorporating them in salads that are low carb. Eggs have healthy fats and are rich in proteins which are helpful for weight loss in a keto diet.

Have Patience

Practicing patience is one of the key things when following a keto diet. The way you feel during the first few weeks on a ketogenic diet can be quite comfortable. However, you can start seeing changes in your weight after a few days which is a big motivation to go on with the diet. There are some side effects like headaches, cravings, or mood swings.

A keto diet can be difficult even if it is short-term. To get through it, drink enough water, eat healthy fats, and avoid starchy vegetables. Additionally, you should probably meet with a nutritionist or dietician to help you through your diet. All in all, remember to be patient with your body through the keto journey.