The Top Home Pregnancy Test Methods

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Getting pregnant is one of the most overwhelming feelings that any woman can ever have. This is because of the precious life that is growing in another life. Since the fetus grows on a daily basis, this is usually one of the hard times a woman ever encounters because it involves the changes in hormones. This explains certain tendencies by women who are pregnant. Accurate testing of the pregnancy in time can assist in managing various side effects that come with the pregnancy. Click on the highlighted Anchor for more information on the pregnancy tests.

Home-made methods



The sugar granules in our homes can also be used to test whether we are pregnant or not. Simple take a tablespoon of white sugar granules and put it in a cup. Add about half a cup of urine and watch what happens after about ten minutes. If the sugar starts to clump the, then chances are high that you are pregnant. However, if the sugar just dissolves then chances are that you are not pregnant.


You can use the toothpaste to establish whether you are pregnant or not. Just, put some toothpaste in a small cup. Then take some urine sample that is concentrated and pour in the cup as well. Wait for at least five minutes and watch the reaction. If the toothpaste will foam or its color change to blue, then the pregnancy test is positive. If there is no reaction, then the pregnancy test is negative. The urine sample should be taken early in the morning since it is usually concentrated at that time.


The bleach is another home-made item that can be used to test whether an individual is pregnant or not. However, since bleach is extreme toxic care is recommended especially for pregnant women. They are advised to cover their mouth and nose with a handkerchief when performing this test. This is to ensure that they don’t inhale the bleach.

Just put the bleach in a cup and add some urine sample. If the bleach fizzles or foams then the pregnancy test is positive if it doesn’t then it is negative.



It is critical to note that most of these home-made methods are not accurate. The only way that you can conclusively determine whether you are pregnant or not is visiting a doctor. A doctor will accurately tell you whether you are pregnant or not because they have qualitative and quantitative methods that are used during the pregnancy check-ups. These methods can check the exact amount of HCG in the body of the woman who is pregnant. The doctors are also able to tell you how old the pregnancy is.