RAD 140 SARM Review – What to Know

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RAD 140 or Testolone is a new experimental drug classified as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARM). The drug is said to help you 25 pounds fat and up to 20 pounds of muscles. You can enjoy all these gains in a matter of months. The good thing about SARMs is that you cannot experience harmful side effects as the case with anabolic steroids. It is a good idea to look at SARM’s mode of action.

History of RAD 140

Testolone was developed in 2010 by a company known as Radius Health. In fact, the SARM has experienced growth in popularity. Although this drug was developed to treat osteoporosis, the drug has now found a lot of uses, including treating breast cancer.

The initial trials have been done in monkeys and mice. From the trials, researchers discovered that Testolone triggers lean muscle growth and strength without affecting the prostate or increasing blood pressure. You will find these results to be a bit different from those offered by anabolic steroids. Moreover, it does not cause harm as it does not increase liver enzyme.

Mechanism of Action

Testolone helps stimulate various anabolic processes as it focuses on the androgen receptors. The good thing about these types of muscles is that you can control. These include your biceps, deltoid, and pectoral. Remember that these are muscles that can be activated during the workouts. Like most SARMS, Testolone does not aromatize or even convert to DHT. Therefore, you will get all the positive benefits anabolic supplements offer without harmful side effects.

RAD 140 is the right drug for enhanced workouts. With increased testosterone levels, you are bound to grow more muscle and strength and still retain them during the cutting. It is no surprise that Testolone is the best and safest SARM currently on the market. Therefore, you can look forward to enjoying great results when you use Testolone.

RAD 140 in Bodybuilding

using supplementsThe fact that Testolone’s primary strength is based on the anabolic effects without aromatizing the negative side effects, it means it cannot be converted into estrogen. In fact, the compound can help enhance your lifts, lean muscle growth, endurance, and reduce fat deposits. If you use steroids, you can use this drug to close the gap between the cycles. Moreover, you will not experience jaw or finger growth as the case with HGH supplements.